Endorsements in District 32

August 18, 1994

District 32 is the weakest area of Anne Arundel County when it comes to active community groups and leaders -- a fact that manifests itself at election time. Opportunities certainly were open for bright new challengers this election. Two of the district's most popular representatives, Patrick C. Scannello and Tyras S. "Bunk" Athey, are gone. Theodore J. Sophocleus, appointed to replace Mr. Athey, is running for county executive. The incumbents, Democrats Victor A. Sulin and Mary Ann Love, are capable but not stellar. Yet only two other Democrats have filed to run in the primary. The GOP, meanwhile, has put together a mediocre field of five, an impressive feat considering it has never had a primary in District 32.

The three Democratic nominations must go to Mr. Sulin, Mrs. Love and Thomas H. Dixon III, an Old Mill activist and party leader.

Elected in 1990, Mr. Sulin has been a quiet delegate focusing on constituent service. He showed a welcome desire for leadership during the last session, when he won the job of delegation chairman. Mrs. Love, appointed last year to replace Mr. Scannello, worked well with other lawmakers but made no memorable contributions; of course, a year is not a lot of time to carve out a reputation in the State House. Mr. Dixon has been one of the district's hardest-working civic leaders for years.

On the Republican side, our choices are Edward J. Priola, James E. Rzepkowski and Gerald P. Starr.

Mr. Priola is an experienced political consultant and leader of conservative movements for term limits, government reform and property rights. Conservative voters looking for an intelligent voice will like him. Mr. Rzepkowski is only 23, but he's bright and articulate on the issues. Mr. Starr currently serves as president of the Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association.

In the Senate race, a heated general election battle is brewing between Sen. Michael J. Wagner and County Council Chairman Ed Middlebrooks. But first Mr. Middlebrooks must get past Victoria J. Muzzuco in the primary. Mr. Middlebrooks is better qualified, and gets our primary endorsement. Mr. Wagner has no primary opposition.

Tomorrow: Endorsements in District 33.

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