Plan to steal ABC's Emmy audience


August 18, 1994|By The Hollywood Reporter

Though not as aggressively as last year, CBS will again counter this year's Primetime Emmy telecast on ABC Sept. 11 with programming that targets the award show's core audience of women over age 30.

Meanwhile, NBC will bring out the network premiere "Other People's Money," starring Danny DeVito.

Adding insult to injury for ABC is the fact that one of the three programming moves CBS will make is the 8 p.m. unveiling of "The Boys Are Back" -- a sitcom produced by ABC Productions.

Also in store that night is CBS' season debut of ratings powerhouse "60 Minutes" and a broadcast of Julia Roberts' box-office success "Steel Magnolias."

Leading into "Other People's Money," NBC plans to rerun its previously high-rated special about angels.

This year's Emmycast has it easy compared with last year's ABC telecast, which was pummeled by counterprogramming from CBS and NBC, resulting in the trophy show's lowest numbers in a Big Three telecast.

Angry that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences had scrapped its rotation telecast plan in order to sell the show exclusively to ABC for four years, CBS and NBC blasted the awards show.

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