France sends its popular sex and fashion magazine


August 18, 1994|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Sun Fashion Editor

New face in the crowd: The American edition of Marie Claire, the popular French magazine, premieres for September/October.

Is there room for yet another fash mag on the stands? Yes and no. Competition for the stylish reader keeps editors jumping and job hopping, and that tends to keep content fresh and interesting. Hearst Magazines, which had great success in resurrecting the moribund Harpers Bazaar, is targeting Marie Claire at the broader audience.

It's more hot than haute with generous helpings of location photos, fashion hints and plenty of sex -- "Adultery do's and dont's," "Men. What makes them marry," "Sexual Astrology" -- a his and hers erotic pullout guide.

New Age, new store: From the creators of Urban Outfitters, the shops that dress and accessorize dorms and digs of the urbane bohemian Generation Xers, comes Anthropologie, a more mature shopping environment for trendies who have moved on to mortgages, decorating and the suburbs.

The Anthropologie prototype opened in Wayne, Pa., in 1992. The second store in the new venture opened yesterday in Rockville. The decor is eco-friendly and laid back, leaning to rustic weaves and wares mixed with vintage jewelry and natural fiber clothing and linens.

For directions and details call (301) 230-6520.

New scents: Calvin Klein, the king of seductive fragrance ads, is launching a new young scent -- CK one -- as in unisex.

The print campaign kicks off in September with a fold-out triple spread featuring "portraits of a generation" -- the fashion groupies including Donovan Leitch and a cluster of models including the frail Kate Moss and muscled Jenny Shimuzu. Shot by young celeb photographer Steven Meisel, of course.

Annette Green, president of the Fragrance Foundation, sees the introduction of fresh scents with green and oceanic notes as a new direction. "There is a lowering of the volume from a personal point of view, not wanting to stand out. The message we're sending is that we want to be taken more seriously. Young men and women want to share equally."

Not necessarily true with mature sophisticates. From Karl Lagerfeld, whose namesake fragrance has clung to some of the most elegant men in the world, there's a new fragrance for women. Sun Moon Stars is blended of florals, fruits and sensual Oriental accords and promises a galaxy of delights. The spokesmodel is the stunning Daryl Hannah, who may be left with only broken promises, but she looks heavenly.

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