GOP Endorsements in the 5th District

August 17, 1994

As a result of redistricting, Maryland's 5th Legislative District no longer includes a sliver of Baltimore County. The district now falls entirely within Carroll County, and the conservative orientation of the electoral politics reflects that change.

Running unopposed for the Republican nomination for the Senate is incumbent first-termer Larry E. Haines. A conservative, Mr. Haines worked the past four years to increase penalties for a variety of criminal activities. He also labored for measures such as exempting church-run nursery schools from state regulations and allowing parents to spank children without running afoul of the state's child abuse statutes.

A field of eight candidates is competing for the three Republican nominations for the general election in a wide-open race. The character of the GOP race changed considerably when the two front-runners dropped out. Incumbent Richard Matthews chose to retire, and County Commissioner Julia W. Gouge decided to become the running mate of gubernatorial candidate William Shepard.

For the three GOP nominations in the Sept. 13 primary, The Sun endorses Stephen R. Chapin Sr., Joseph M. Getty and Jerry L. Toadvine.

Mr. Chapin, a business executive, landlord and Westminster City councilman, takes a very bottom-line approach to public policy. While low taxes and efficient government form the cornerstone of his campaign platform, Mr. Chapin's city council votes have demonstrated he often tempers his conservatism with a heavy dose of pragmatism.

Mr. Getty, former executive director of the Carroll County Historical Society and currently a law student, is a moderate with a broad perspective of Carroll County and its relationship to the rest of the state. Unlike too many county politicians, he believes in thinking through solutions to problems rather than just scoring points by complaining about them.

Mr. Toadvine, who owns a title company, possesses the skills and understanding to represent the interests of Carroll County residents in the General Assembly. While more conservative than the average legislator, Mr. Toadvine's positions on welfare, crime and education show thought and are not just empty slogans.

Tomorrow: 5th District Democrats.

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