Primary Endorsements in District 31

August 17, 1994

The incumbent's advantage counts for less in Legislative District 31 than in other places. In a House of Delegates race featuring five Democrats and seven Republicans, Democrat Carolyn M. Roeding, outspoken leader of the Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs, and former GOP District 31 delegate John R. Leopold have as much name recognition as Democratic incumbents Joan Cadden, C. Stokes Kolodziejski and W. Ray Huff. Of course, voters should decide based on who are the best candidates. And in this race some clearly are better than others.

Mrs. Roeding is a strong candidate. Her aggressive stance during the Ron Price sex scandal and her battles with the school board have not endeared her to everyone, but she has proven herself well-equipped to fight tough battles in Annapolis. We endorse her for one of three Democratic spots.

A second endorsement must go to Mrs. Cadden. She is thorough and dogged, qualities that have translated into gains for her district. When the county killed plans for a new Solley elementary school last year, Mrs. Cadden stepped in and forged a compromise so the Solley school could proceed.

The third Democratic nomination comes down to Mr. Huff and Mr. Kolodziejski, both nice men with limited abilities. This is a toss-up, but we choose Mr. Huff because he's more energetic and has found a spot on a key money committee.

On the Republican slate, Mr. Leopold is extraordinarily intelligent and the best campaigner in the universe. Despite his talents, we cannot endorse him. Delegates should possess their own minds, but they have to be able to work with others. Mr. Leopold seems not to possess that capability. Our GOP choices are Brian G. Brooks, a former manager with Crown Central Petroleum; businessman David Blanch, and Doug Arnold, a party activist and budget officer for Clerk of the Court Mary Rose. Mr. Brooks and Mr. Blanch especially have thoughtful ideas on crime and welfare.

In the Senate GOP primary, Nancy M. Schrum, recently the School Board Nominating Convention's choice to fill a school board seat, is our choice over Joseph J. Feehley. Incumbent Democratic Sen. Philip C. Jimeno has no opposition.

Tomorrow: Endorsements in District 32.

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