Therapy Is a Beach Better Go See the Doctor

August 17, 1994|By DICK GEORGE

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City.--In our house, the nineties have been stressful so far. Mostly career stuff, with a little middle-age angst and one or two personal setbacks thrown in.

There have been times we've been real confused. Fortunately, we have this therapist who helps a lot.

We don't even need an appointment. We just show up, and go right on in. We can sit there and talk as long as we want and we never get billed.

Our therapist's name is Dr. Beach.

Dr. Beach practices an intense motion, sound and sand therapy. First you massage the soles of your feet by walking barefoot through warm sand, a tactile pleasure that calms the soul.

Even in this early stage of treatment, you can begin to feel your brain cells moaning with slow, quiet relief.

''Ahhhh . . .''

The next part of the process requires body cooking. Here the instructions are, ''Turn regularly, and bake until done.''

Body cooking drains bad vapors from the body and the brain, an essential step that can be accelerated by reading trashy novels, which, coupled with the pulchritudinous abundance generally seen in Dr. Beach's waiting room, has a tendency to unleash dormant passions of the subconscious mind. It gives life new energy.

Dr. Beach is a strong believer in total immersion therapy. After sufficient body cooking, patients willingly fling themselves into the large pool of salt water provided for this purpose.

Unseen forces in this water cause it to move in myriad ways, massaging the body with gentle foam one minute and crashing over it with white cresting waves the next.

Enough of this immersion leaves you feeling as though you've just fought a 12-round boxing match, without ever having taken or given a punch. It can be an humbling -- and therefore ennobling experience.

Once your body and soul have thus been suitably prepared, it's time to talk with the doctor. You don't have to lie on a couch or anything like that. Some patients lie on towels.

We like to drag our old bent little half-chairs up to where the sand is moist and cool, and there we tell the doctor just about anything that's on our minds. You don't even have to say much; the doctor seems to know. And then you listen for a reply.

Despite a tendency to foam at the mouth, the doctor is a caring professional who has never failed to say something that helps. However, as with many therapists, the advice is not easy to explain.

Dr. Beach has helped us through many uneasy moments, and from what we understand, is always taking new patients.

Feel free to mention our name.

Dick George and family get help at 128th street in Ocean City.

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