Balkan Update

August 16, 1994

Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in BELGRADE rejected a plan to station international monitors on borders to verify Belgrade's trade blockade against Bosnia's Serbs. Western diplomats said he did not want to arouse public opinion by allowing foreign observers on home ground.

Sniping still plagued SARAJEVO suburbs despite an agreement between Serbs and the Muslim-led Bosnian government to stop the shooting that has taken a deadly toll on civilians.

Bosnian Serbs once again violated the terms of the U.N. weapons exclusion zone in SARAJEVO, removing an anti-aircraft gun from a Serb police station outside Sarajevo where U.N. peacekeepers could keep tabs on it.

The United Nations reported sporadic clashes on Bosnia battlefronts and said Bosnian Serbs had obstructed U.N. aid convoys in eastern Bosnia.

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