Gordon's Gaucho wins in Hawaii


August 14, 1994|By NANCY NOYES

Annapolitan Peter Gordon took his crew and his boat, Farr 44 Gaucho, off to Hawaii recently, to sail in the Kenwood Cup regatta. Gaucho has been doing well in the series, which includes buoy races as well as the 360-mile Kaula race, a tough offshore contest.

Gordon took time out last Sunday to stand on the end of a simple weighing scale to determine his prize for the Champagne Mumm race, the trophy for which is traditionally the skipper's weight in Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge. Gordon, who weighs a little more than 240, earned six cases plus an additional four magnums of the bubbly.

Gordon immediately granted permission to crew members to liberate just one case from the 6-foot stack for their party time, but earmarked the rest for future use. The balance of his win will be delivered to his home in Annapolis.

"We'll take it back to Annapolis and do something useful with it. I haven't decided yet, but we'll put it to a charitable use, probably through the Annapolis Yacht Club," he said.

Gordon is captain of the USA Red Team, which is expected to win the Kenwood Cup once final results are tallied.

Other boats on the team include Excel's Growler, and Andrews 40 out of Newport Beach, Calif., with former America's Cup helmsman and Olympic medalist John Kolius as skipper, along with Slip Sliding Away, John Malec's 43-footer out of Chicago.

Sailing with Gordon and his 17-year-old son Ian are Paul Cayard, skipper of Italy's 1992 America's Cup challenger, and new Annapolitan John Bertrand, 1984 Finn Olympic silver medalist, along with John Boone, Marc McAteer, Tom Weaver, Rick Deppe and Andy Ogilvie from Annapolis, Curt Oetking of San Diego and Frenchman Marco Constant.

Gendell near perfect

It was a hot time for the Hampton-area boys at this year's Yachting Race Week at Solomons Island, sailed out of Zahniser's Marina Monday through Wednesday by 55 crews in five classes.

But even if a lot of Southern Bay sailors were in the top slots, overall winner was Dave Gendell of Severna Park and his crew on Bang, posting a near-perfect series score of 1-1-2-1 in the four-race series.

Yachting Race Week

PHRF Class A (11 starters): 1. Cash Flow, Lloyd Griffin Jr., Elizabeth City, N.C., 7.5 (1-1-4-2); 2. Blind Hog, Sledd Shelhorse, Virginia Beach, 12 (2-2-3-5); 3. Ramrod, Bert Jabin, Annapolis, (3-5-1-4).

PHRF Class B (13 starters): 1. Revenge, Bill Peach, Newport News, Va., 6.5 (3-2-1-1); 2. WOFTAM, James Michie Jr., Arnold, 13.75 (6-1-5-2); 3. Promises, Mike Ironmonger, St. Mary's City, 14 (4-4-2-4).

PHRF Class C (9 starters): 1. (tie), Patriot, F.C. Whittemore, Richmond, Va., 11.75 (7-1-2-2); and Crescendo, Steve Hiltabidle, Annapolis, 11.75 (6-2-1-3); 3. Killer Puppy, Charlie Powell, Towson, 15 (3-4-4-4).

PHRF Class D (12 starters): 1. The Simpsons, Thompson/Shannahan, St. Michaels, 7.5 (2-4-1-1); 2. Terrific, Olaf tom Felde, Annapolis, 13.75 (4-1-3-6); 3. Diablo, Russell Miller, (hometown unavailable), 14 (7-3-2-2).

PHRF Class E (10 starters): 1. Bang, Dave Gendell, Severna Park, 4.25 (1-1-2-1); 2. Consultation, Warren Furie, (hometown unavailable), 11.75 (2-5-1-4); 3. Stingray, Robert Muller, Annapolis, 17 (3-8-3-3).

Champs of the future

The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association's Junior Bay Open Championships, July 27-28 at Severn Sailing Association, provided good competition for the champs of the future.

The five-race series included starts for sailors of Lasers, Laser Radials, International 420s and Optimist prams, divided into fleets by age group.

Hometown sailors did well in the bay-wide competition, with Steve Miernicki of Severna Park, representing West River Sailing Club, first overall in the six-boat Laser Radial class; brother Greg Miernicki topping out the 15-boat Laser class; Brian Conway of Annapolis (and Annapolis Yacht Club) first in the 12-boat 420 class; Jane Delashmutt of Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford edging Joe Fava of Pasadena, representing SSA, for the top spot in the 34-boat Optimist overall fleet, and in the Red Fleet for the class' oldest age group of sailors.

Junior Bay Open Championship

Laser Radial (6 starters): 1. Steve Miernicki (WRSC), Severna Park, 8.5 (1-1-2-3-2); 2. Peter Gundlach (HYC), Hampton, Va., 12.5 (4-4-1-1-3); 3. Leslie Younger (HYC), Hampton, 12.75 (2-2-4-4-1).

Laser (15 starters): 1. Greg Miernicki (WRSC), Severna Park, 8.5 (2-1-2-1-3); 2. Jeremy Wilson (SSA), Severna Park, 11.25 (1-7-1-2-1); 3. Michael Cordeiro (TAYC), Easton, 21 (3-2-7-5-4).

420 (12 starters): 1. Brian Conway (AYC), Annapolis, 6 (1-3-1-1-1); 2. Ben Jarashaw (AYC), (hometown unavailable), 12 (2-4-2-2-2); 3. Heather Zornetzer (SSA), Chevy Chase, 15.75 (4-1-4-3-4).

Optimist Overall (34 starters): 1. Jane Delashmutt (TAYC), Royal Oak, 12.75 (1-2-5-2-3); 2. Joe Fava (SSA), Pasadena, 16.75 (6-1-2-4-4); 3. Alistair James (TAYC), Easton, 18.5 (7-6-4-1-1); 4. Scott MacMullan (SSA), Arnold, 46 (2-3-3-20-18); 5. Jean McCoid (IHYC), Island Heights, N.J., 49.75 (4-16-1-15-14).

Optimist Red (18 starters): 1. Jane Delashmutt, 11.75 (1-2-4-2-3); 2. Joe Fava, 13.5 (4-1-1-4-4); 3. Alistair James, 14.5 (5-5-3-1-1).

Optimist Blue (11 starters): 1. Jean McCoid, 15.75 (2-3-1-4-6); 2. Brendan Shattuck (SSA), Annapolis, 17.75 (3-1-5-6-3); 3. Clementine James (TAYC), Easton, 18.75 (7-2-2-7-1).

Optimist White (5 starters): 1. Ward Hackett (TAYC), Oxford, 6 (1-1-1-1-3); 2. Robert McCoid (IHYC), N.J., 11.75 (5-2-2-2-1); 3. John Tooles (SSA), (hometown unavailable), 17 (2-3-3-4-5).

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