75 Years Ago* How To Arrive At Your Income Tax (The...


August 14, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

75 Years Ago

* How To Arrive At Your Income Tax (The following taken from an exchange though a little late for this year's income taxes, and only suggested, perhaps gives the payer as much insight into the computation of his taxes as the instructions which accompany the return sheets.)

First take your income,

Add wife's income,

Divide by your eldest son's age,

Add your telephone number,

Subtract your auto license number,

Add electric light bill

divided by number of kilowatts,

Multiply by your father's age,

Add number of gold fillings in teeth,

Add your house number,

Subtract your wife's age (approximate),

Divide by number of aunts you have,

Add the number of uncles,

Subtract number of daughters,

Multiply by number of times

you have gone up in an airplane,

Subtract your best golf score,

Add a pinch of salt,

And then go out and

borrow the money and pay the tax.

-- Union Bridge Pilot, July 25, 1919.

100 Years Ago

* The main topic of conversation in our village is the proposed electric railroad line from Baltimore to Gettysburg, which will come through this place. Everybody seems favorable to the movement and I believe that a liberal subscription to the stock could be secured in this locality. A meeting of all those dTC interested in the enterprise will be held at Carroll Academy on Saturday evening, at half past seven o'clock. Let there be a full and enthusiastic turnout. The chances of getting the road are bright. Others are ready and willing to assist us in securing it, but that assistance will not be forthcoming if the people of Carroll sleep. -- American Sentinel, July 28, 1894.

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