Coming to the Defense of Crab Shanty ManagerAfter reading...


August 14, 1994

Coming to the Defense of Crab Shanty Manager

After reading the commentary by Kevin Thomas regarding the Crab Shanty (July 10), and more specifically, Cliff Hughes, I feel compelled to comment.

Cliff Hughes worked for me for 13 years, until 1986. He was a competent, caring manager who fulfilled his responsibilities with great skill. I can honestly say I never heard or saw Cliff treat any customer in a discourteous manner.

As a restaurant owner, I know this type of incident is inexcusable. It is most difficult for me to understand why Cliff would respond to Mr. Thomas in such a hostile manner, when he has never in all my years of association with him treated any customer in the way purported by Mr. Thomas. We know satisfied customers are our lifeblood.

Mr. Thomas acknowledged he was "fuming" over the incident and he details his annoyance with the racially hued prism of whites, the media exploitation and denigration of Afro-Americans, and white women who clutch their purses when a black man enters an elevator. . . . I would hope Mr. Thomas would give this restaurant another opportunity to prove the management is not shoddy. Perhaps Mr. Thomas was simply having a bad day.

Fernand Tersiguel

Ellicott City

The writer owns Tersiguel's restaurant in Ellicott City.

School Board Race

It is a good thing that The Sun keeps us informed on the party affiliation of those people running for the school board, since it is not indicated on the ballot and an unthinking person might make a mistake and pull the wrong lever on Election Day.

In a July 3 column, Kevin Thomas lists a few planks in the platform of Jamie Kendrick, "a card-carrying Democrat," who at the ripe old age of 19 is running for the Howard County school board.

The problem The Sun has is that Mr. Kendrick's views don't fit the mold of what a proper Democrat should espouse. He thinks '' the board is a "rubber stamp," that the community needs to come together, and he calls for more "back to basics."

I would expect those views to be held by almost all sensible candidates for the school board. Of course, there will always be some special interest groups pushing their agenda, but for the most part those elected will probably hold these opinions.

The problem for a new school board member will be to work with the incumbent members, to talk back to the bureaucracy and deal with temperamental parents, on top of the regular duties. This is much easier said than done because the clout of current members, the superintendent and his crew, plus the PTA, is well established.

What is sadly lacking in most school board members is a `D questioning attitude toward the decisions of the "system," while listening to the parental side of the problem. Instead of spinning around in their chairs and acting like lemmings we need some leaders, not followers.

It will be much tougher for Mr. Kendrick to actually implement his goals than to get elected despite his age. But The Sun is correct -- how can a 19-year-old with views such as these really be a Democrat?

R. D. Bush


Affordable Housing

I am in favor of a well-designed "affordable" housing development such as Streamwood. My family and I moved to Columbia three years ago. We would like to stay, but home ownership in Howard County is simply unaffordable to those relatively early in their careers.

My family's annual income is approximately $40,000, which places us at the upper (!) end of the income range targeted by the developers. My wife and I both hold college degrees. We have two small children and two aging cars. Our debts show no signs of shrinking, largely due to rent payments which consume approximately one-third of our take-home pay.

Those of us who would buy homes in a community such as Streamwood would maintain our property and work to limit crime, not only because we and our families live there, but also because we will eventually want to sell these homes and "move up." I don't understand how the presence of housing in Streamwood's price range would adversely affect the value of upper-bracket property, because these properties appeal to completely different groups of potential buyers.

Someday, my family will own a home in a "desirable" area. I hope that I will be more understanding of those just getting on the home ownership ladder than some of my neighbors are now.

Kurt T. Taube


Mail Complaints

First I would like to state that I am not an employee of the United States Post Office. I also am not happy with the caliber of service I receive from USPS.

It is very annoying to constantly hear people complain about the poor service they receive from our postal service when by simple observation you can note that very few people, or firms, are willing to use the most simple tools provided by the USPS to assist them in improving their service.

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