Calvin Klein turns homeward


August 14, 1994|By Elizabeth Large

Fashion designer Calvin Klein is known for his stunningly classic lines and colors with names like dove, vanilla, parchment and ink. Look for those characteristics in his new home collection, which will debut next year. Calvin Klein Inc. has licensed the use of its trademark to Home Innovations Inc. to produce sheets, towels, silverware, glassware, dinnerware, furniture and other decorative accessories for the home.

You'll be able to find his lines in department and specialty stores, as well as a flagship store scheduled to open next spring on Madison Avenue in New York.

How to lose a leak

You hear water running when nothing is turned on.

You smell a foul odor emanating from walls or floors.

Your wall or floor has a moist or spongy area.

Your water bills are unusually high.

Who you gonna call?

Now people who think they may have a hidden leak have Blaine Murray to turn to. Mr. Murray is a self-described "leak buster," the first local franchisee for American Leak Detection. The company's high-tech electronic equipment eliminates the need

for hit-and-miss digging to find leaks. And most leaks, he says, can be fixed through just a 1-foot-square hole. For more information, call (410) 931-1790.

Sack sale

Yes, summer is drawing to a close. And just in time for the start of school, the Container Store has put its reusable nylon lunch sacks on sale for $1.99. For that price you can buy one in each of the eight jewel-like colors. A Container Store is opening in Rockville this fall, but you don't have to wait. Call (800) 733-3532 for a catalog.

Adding to Octavia's

Customers of Octavia's, the elegant women's shop at Cross Keys, will notice something new in the store. In fact, it's Something Old . . . Something New. Owner Jay Dugan has expanded into decorative accessories; and his new buyer is his mother, interior decorator Bunny Dugan.

Mrs. Dugan has collected a potpourri of antiques and one-of-a-kind items, many imported from Europe, in all price ranges. You might find old silver and brass from England and Europe, Italian reproduction lamps, items hand-painted for Mrs. Dugan, porcelain cookware and linens from the Orient. Call (410) 323-1652 for more information.

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