From The Sun Aug. 14-20, 1844Aug. 16: Yesterday morning a...


August 14, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Aug. 14-20, 1844

Aug. 16: Yesterday morning a cow was coming down Lombard Street when she was pursued and attacked by a large dog. She raised one of her feet and kicked him, killing him "as dead a Julius Caesar."

Aug. 20: At the annual commencement at Yale College, New Haven, on Thursday, several pick pockets were present, who relieved the pockets of several of the visitors of their contents.

From The Sun Aug. 14-20, 1894

Aug. 14: Last night a very merry party of young people, riding along Baltimore Street in an open car, filled the air with snatches of melodious song that floated upward to the ears of dwellers along the route.

Aug. 15: The proposed acquisition of the Clifton estate of the late Johns Hopkins for a public park has developed into a prominent issue with people of that rapidly growing section of the city -- Northeast Baltimore.

From The Sun Aug. 14-20, 1944

Aug. 17: Baltimore's proverbial white-front steps, marble and painted wood, are not ornamental only: they are these hot nights the restful rendezvous of families after a hard day's work, their continual summer resort.

Aug. 18: The Federal Works Authority has authorized a grant of $30,850 to the municipality for the maintenance and operation of a venereal disease clinic for women in the Baltimore City

Hospitals, Mayor McKeldin announced yesterday.

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