Dear DiaryThis is a new one. Joshua Steiner: "I lied to my...


August 13, 1994

Dear Diary

This is a new one. Joshua Steiner: "I lied to my diary." Wow.

Charles C. Gardner


The Constellation

Your Aug. 7 editorial, "Don't Give Up the Ship," is precisely the kind of positive support required to save the Constellation from the burial-at-sea fate for which she was destined when saved by the Baltimore area community in the early 1950s.

The Constellation arrived in the sheltered waters of the Patapsco several days before a disastrous hurricane reached the Atlantic coast.

It would have destroyed her just as surely as a lack of full, positive and aggressive support today from all elements of the private and public sector will send her to the briny deep.

The Sun is to be commended. So is Mayor Kurt Schmoke and the Maryland congressional delegation, which have taken prompt, positive and effective action in Baltimore and Washington to set the stage for a rebuilding and restoration of the Constellation, which your editorial correctly notes is "an important economic asset" for Baltimore and Maryland.

As the last sailing warship built by the U.S. Navy, she is an irreplaceable national treasure and tangible facet of America's maritime history.

Douglas Price

Rock Hall

Slag Origins

Your staff writer, Edward Lee, wrote an article July 16 concerning the use of slag on Baltimore County's roads during this past winter.

Please be advised that slag is not ash from the coke ovens at the Bethlehem Steel Company's plant in Sparrows Point.

First of all, the coke ovens at Sparrows Point have been shut down for the past two years.

Second, ash is not produced in coke ovens. Only coke, gases and chemical fluids are.

Perhaps Mr. Lee intended to write that slag is produced in Bethlehem's blast furnaces and open hearth furnaces.

Walter E. Carbone


No Time for Jokes

I read with some amusement your editorial "Campaign Censor?" of July 29. In the editorial you are critical of Democratic state party chair Vera Hall and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Parris Glendening for not being able to "laugh off political slings and arrows" aimed at him in radio commercials.

To be sure, political attacks and satire are, indeed, an integral part of campaigns. Similarly, candidates and party officials routinely castigate those who indulge in more strident forms of negative campaigning. Let's remember Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment" about speaking ill against another Republican.

Mr. Glendening, American Joe Miedusiewski and other Democratic candidates will have to join forces after the primary to defeat the Republican candidate in the general election.

Why indulge in personal attacks in a primary? Verbal battering is better reserved for the general election. Intra-party bashing will only serve to defeat any Democratic candidate in November.

Clearly Mr. Miedusiewski has every right to use satire in his commercials. A better forum would be a televised debate when the state's Democratic voters could measure the candidates on the basis of experience, vision and intellect.

After such a debate, my guess is that the joke will be on Mr. Miedusiewski.

Stephanie Chin


Wrong Sale

I feel that Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr. is "just plain wrong" to suggest that the city and state pension funds should sell their tobacco stock investments.

The tobacco companies are large conglomerates that produce everything from beer to baby foods.

Would the attorney general have the pension boards divest themselves of stock in companies that make these products?

And what of the tens of thousands of city and state employees whose pensions might be adversely affected?

Let the pension boards do their jobs without political influence.

Kurt S. Willem


There Is No Such Thing as Black Racism

I read your editorial, "The Urban League Thinks Globally" (July 26), with keen interest.

Your editorial, in essence, represented an effusive and generous paean of praise for Hugh B. Price in terms of the direction he foresees for the National Urban League in his new role as the national president.

I, too, share, in part, your editorial analysis as to what the National Urban League, NAACP, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, People United for Humanity, the Congressional Black Caucus and other black organizations and churches, in concert with rational and fair-minded white Americans, must be about in order to abate and extirpate the nervous, debilitating and vexatious socio-economic and educational pathologies which encumber and deny a preponderant number of black Americans access to the socio-economic mainstream of our nation.

You state, as a central emphasis of your editorial: "The new head of the National Urban League said something over the weekend that very much needed to be said by a black leader: 'We must not let ourselves and particularly our children, fall in the paranoid trap of thinking that racism accounts for all that plagues us,' said Hugh Price, the league's new president."

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