Activist PAC endorses Sophocleus

August 12, 1994|By John A. Morris | John A. Morris,Sun Staff Writer

Several of the county's leading environmental and social activists endorsed Democrat Theodore Sophocleus for county executive yesterday.

The activists, who have formed a political action committee, said they will support Mr. Sophocleus, a state delegate and former county councilman from Linthicum, with money and volunteers.

Mary Rosso, chairwoman for Anne Arundel Voters for Environmental Justice, said Mr. Sophocleus, the Democratic nominee for executive four years ago, expressed the clearest support for the group's goals and was considered the most "electable" of the six Democratic and Republican candidates.

The group, whose members include Sheryl Banks of the Black Political Forum and prominent members of the Sierra Club, also endorsed Democratic and Republican candidates for other county and state offices. The Sierra Club and Black Political Forum are expected to make independent endorsements.

For County Council, the group endorsed Democrats Thomas Redmond of Pasadena, David DeAngelis of Severna Park and Melinda Hamilton of Annapolis in districts 3, 5 and 6, respectively. It also embraced Republicans Bert Rice of Odenton and John Klocko of Crofton in districts 4 and 7.

For the House of Delegates, it endorsed Democrats Stephen Carr, Virginia Clagett and John Eldridge Jr. in District 30; Republican Brian Brooks in District 31; and Democrats Michael Canning, Patricia Huecker and Marsha Perry, an incumbent, in District 33.

The group graded the candidates' responses on questionnaires and in interviews on topics including recycling, affordable housing and sex discrimination, Mrs. Rosso said. The group opposes a county policy of granting waivers to the adequate facilities requirements for new construction projects, favors a 65 percent goal for recycling solid waste (the current goal is 20 percent), and supports investment in affordable housing and transit systems.

Robert Agee, a Democratic county executive candidate, had a "good grasp of government but he didn't have as good a grasp of the grass roots community" as Mr. Sophocleus, Mrs. Rosso said. Mr. Agee, who was an aide to former county executive O. James Lighthizer, also was handicapped by his association with the Lighthizer administration's pro-growth policies, she said.

Mr. Agee of Crofton said he was not surprised by the endorsement. "You are dealing with people who had previous experience with someone else and who didn't have a chance to hear my presentation," he said, saying he was interviewed by only two of the group's members.

Mr. Agee, who released an environmental platform Wednesday, has been endorsed by Clagett. The councilwoman helped develop his platform, he said.

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