Smith backs local plan to stay without name

August 11, 1994

CFL commissioner Larry Smith says he supports Baltimore owner Jim Speros' plan to go without a team name for the rest of the season if the CFLs are unable to get the injunction lifted against using Colts.

"I support them on that," Smith said. "I've already talked to Jim about that. He'll go the season without a name, then the fans will make the choice. Everything is being done for the fans. The whole name issue is for the fans."

Speros is still waiting to hear a verdict on his appeal of the injunction. Oral arguments were heard Aug. 3 on the appeal.

"It shows the case is tougher than most people think," Speros said.

"If it was slam shut, they would've told us the next day and we'd get on with life. I think a week from now, we should know something."

Fighting Tiger-Cats

Two Hamilton regulars -- wide receiver Lonzell Hill and defensive tackle Jeff Fields -- spent Tuesday in court, then flew to Baltimore to join the team.

Hill and Fields were charged Monday along with defensive end )) Steve Bates and cornerback Gary Wilkerson with aggravated assault for a barroom brawl in Hamilton a week ago. All four players spent Monday night in jail.

Bates suffered a hand injury and Wilkerson a laceration on his leg in the fight. Both were placed on the disabled list. Bates had to post the highest bail, at $2,000. The other three were released on $500 bail.

Petry sidelined

Defensive back Lester Smith was brought off Baltimore's practice roster to replace punt returner Stan Petry for last night's 30-15 victory over Hamilton.

Petry injured his neck attempting to tackle the Las Vegas Posse's Tim Broady on a 36-yard touchdown pass off a fake field lTC goal Saturday. Petry was placed on the one-week injury list.

The injury is not believed to be serious, though. CFLs coach Don Matthews said Petry would have played had there been a full week between games.

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