Spot usually reserved for campaign signs, we spied...


August 11, 1994

IN A spot usually reserved for campaign signs, we spied this message, printed in red, white and blue, complete with an American flag: "Save America! Get rid of the lawyers."

* * *

TWO editorial views of the United States' role in Haiti:

To defend Haitian sovereignty and autonomy is not, of course, the same as supporting the militaristic and anti-democratic madness that exists there.

But it's foolish to think that American Marines are going to restore democracy. The history of the first invasion in 1915, when American troops were sent to Haiti for a lightning operation and stayed until 1934, leaving behind the germs of institutional decay that remain in the impoverished nation, shows that to put out a fire by violating international law is a worse cure than the sickness itself.

And you can say the same for all the other American military interventions that have stained the map of Latin America.

-- El Colombiano, Medellin, Columbia, Aug. 8

* * *

AND from The (Sydney) Australian:

AN invasion [of Haiti] may be a risky adventure. The Somalian fiasco is an obvious precedent. Stability and desirability in Haitian regimes are relative.

Father Aristide, the leader whom the U.N. resolution authorizes the U.S. to restore, certainly was the people's choice in 1990. But there is no guarantee his restoration would produce a regime much more stable or desirable than it was previously. . . .

It is far from clear that . . . Aristide has any answer to Haiti's deep-seated problems.

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