Rape victim recalls trap she set to track suspect

August 11, 1994|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Sun Staff Writer

A Prince George's County woman who police say was raped and held hostage for two hours by the "crossbow rapist" testified yesterday in Circuit Court that she gave the man her phone number to set a trap that would lead to his capture.

"He said he didn't want to do these things and he didn't know why he did them," the woman testified. "I asked him if he wanted my work phone number so I could give him some resources to help him. When he said he did not want to leave his name, I told him to use the name of 'Robert'. I figured if he called, I could get the phone tapped."

Her ploy worked.

On Sept. 13, police arrested Alphonso Quinn, 37, near a pay phone. Police said he had been on the phone with the woman for almost an hour.

Mr. Quinn is being tried in Upper Marlboro for first-degree rape, sex offenses, false imprisonment and weapons violations for the Sept. 5 attack.

He also is charged with breaking into the homes of three other women in the Bowie area and raping them between June and September. He will be tried separately in those cases. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

Yesterday, the 25-year-old woman appeared embarrassed, nervous and still shaken as she recounted the night she woke up and saw a "dark figure in the doorway," dressed in black and carrying an assault rifle and crossbow over his shoulder.

"I said, 'No, oh my God,' " she recalled. "And the next thing I knew, I was being pulled off the bed and my hands were tied. I had my legs tied and I was turned over and had my eyes duct taped shut."

The woman said she pleaded with the man not to rape her and, in an effort to stop him, told him she had AIDS.

"He said, 'Good. I was looking for a woman who had AIDS,' " she testified. "Then I told him I didn't, and he got angry and told me not to lie."

The woman said he threatened to hurt her, "starting with her face," and told her if she scratched him, he would kill her and then clean her fingernails.

The woman also testified that after raping her twice, the man started talking to her, asking her questions about the alarm system and when her roommate would come home.

He removed the duct tape from her eyes and brought her downstairs to the alarm. As they sat on the steps, he warned her not to look at his face.

"So, I began telling him about myself, and I told him that one of the greatest powers he had was the power to choose," she testified. "I told him he didn't have to do these things."

It was then that she offered to help him and suggested he take her work phone number. He wrote the number down, took her back upstairs, tied her up, but left a pair of scissors for her to free herself. Once he was gone, she cut the ropes and called the police.

The woman testified that in the days after the attack, the man called her and left messages on her voice mail identifying himself as Robert. He called three times on Sept. 13. Police traced the third call to a phone booth on East Capitol Street in Washington.

Also yesterday, several officers testified that they went to the phone booth and saw Mr. Quinn talking on the phone. After he hung up, he walked a few blocks before being arrested.

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