Another cause for alarm in Balto. County

August 10, 1994|By Richard Irwin | Richard Irwin,Sun Staff Writer

Baltimore County police today will seek a court order to get permission to enter a house on Forest Garden Avenue in Lochearn to turn off a burglar alarm that has been blaring off-and-on since yesterday evening.

Police said the owner of the house is out of town and that efforts to contact him have not been successful.

However, a neighbor who reportedly has a key to the house had not been located last night.

The incident is similar to one in Woodlawn several weeks ago when an outside burglar alarm kept neighbors awake for several days while the owner of the house was vacationing in Asia.

That situation was easier to correct because the alarm was outside the house and was cut by an alarm company technician dTC with the authority of police.

Lt. Richard Landsman of the Garrison Precinct said the Lochearn alarm is inside the house, reportedly in the attic, and was apparently installed by the owner.

"There is no alarm company to contact to turn it off," Lieutenant Landsman said.

He said the Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. turned off power to the house but that the alarm's battery kicked-in and the noise continued.

Lieutenant Landsman said the noise is not a great bother to neighbors, who told police they can barely hear the alarm once they close their doors.

He said the first complaint was made shortly before 5 p.m. and that there have been others throughout the night.

"We want to take care of the situation quickly," Lieutenant Landsman said, "and that is why we will seek a Circuit Court order today to get permission to have a police officer and a police electronics technician enter the house and turn the alarm off."

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