A difference between 4 schools and 1

August 10, 1994|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,County Department of Management and BudgetSun Staff Writer

The Carroll County Board of Education wants to build four schools and renovate another in fiscal year 1997, but the county has budgeted to build only one school that year.

The county had planned to build the other three schools and start the renovation project in later years, Budget Director Steven D. Powell told county commissioners yesterday.

The county plan would spread the costs over a longer period. If five projects were started in one year, the county would have to borrow $40 million more than it had planned to pay for them, capital budget supervisor Gary L. Horst said.

Mr. Powell briefed the commissioners yesterday on discrepancies between the county's long-term plans and the Board of Education's recently revised master plan for school construction.

Over a six-year period, the county and the school board plans do not differ much.

The school board would like to build one more school and spend $14 million more than the county had planned during fiscal years 1996 to 2001, Mr. Powell said.

The Board of Education plan totals $87.6 million; the county plan would cost $73.6 million.

Mr. Powell said school board building plans have conflicted with county plans in recent years.

The differences will be discussed this fall during the county's capital budget planning process.

In fiscal 1997, which begins July 1, 1996, the Board of Education wants to build elementary schools in southeast Carroll, Manchester and Westminster, and a high school in Westminster.

The board also wants to renovate Francis Scott Key High School in fiscal 1997.

The county has planned to build only a new elementary school -- in southeast Carroll -- in fiscal 1997.

The county proposed building a new Westminster high school in fiscal 1998, building a new Manchester elementary school and renovating Francis Scott Key in fiscal 1999, and building a new Westminster elementary in 2000.

Schools usually open two years after construction begins.


@6Project ... ... ... .. ... ..County plan* .BOE plan**

New Oklahoma Rd. Middle ... . 1995 ... ... 1995

West Middle additions ... ... 1995 ... ... 1995

Elmer Wolfe renovation ... ...1996 ... .. .1996

New southeast elem. ... ... ..1997 ... ... 1997

New Westminster elem. ... ... 2000 ... ... 1997

New Manchester elem. ... ... 1999 ... ... 1997

New Westminster high ... ... 1998 ... ... 1997

FSK high renovation ... ... 1999 ... ... 1997

New Westminster middle ... ...2001 .... ..1999

New Hampstead middle ... ... 2002 ... ... 2000

* Based on county Capital Improvement Program

** Based on Board of Education Master Plan

NOTE: Fiscal year listed is for construction funding; school typically opens two years after construction funding year

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