FOOTNOTE on Eddie Weidner, the popular and longtime...


August 08, 1994

FOOTNOTE on Eddie Weidner, the popular and longtime trainer of the Baltimore Orioles:

His obituary noted that he enjoyed woodworking in his leisure time. In fact, he was a craftsman when it came to woodworking.

A colleague recalls hiring the retired trainer to build a large, built-in bookcase to surround his living room sofa. Mr. Weidner and his son labored on the project as though they were creating a work of fine art. It was lovingly constructed and put into place with the kind of attention to detail that only another craftsman can appreciate.

The bookcase was a sensational centerpiece for the room. Not bad for a baseball trainer, or for someone who was in his 80s when he built his wooden masterpiece.

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HERE are excerpts from an editorial in the News Tribune in Tacoma, Wash.:

"For a movement spurred by people who profess to be 'pro-life,' the body count is starting to get pretty high. . . .

"And the level of violence is increasing. Since 1991, the number of bombings and arson fires has doubled. Last year, two clinic doctors were shot, one fatally.

"The increasing violence is being blamed on the fact that abortion opponents are losing in Congress and in the courts. In January, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal anti-racketeering RICO law can be used against anti-abortion groups that conspire to use illegal tactics against clinics. In June, the high court upheld a judge's establishment of a 36-foot 'buffer zone' around clinics and the use of injunctions to control protests. In May, President Clinton signed legislation making it a federal crime to use force, threats, physical obstruction or destruction of property to hinder abortions.

"When protests turn to murder, it becomes apparent that the radical arm of the pro-life movement is not about life at all. Control, intimidation and terror, yes. But not life."

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