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August 08, 1994

Stay neutral

Whoops, there he goes again! Our esteemed Gov. William Donald Schaefer, who last fall supported the Republican candidate for president, is compounding that misstep by backing American Joe Miedusiewski as the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

As titular head of the state Democratic Party, Mr. Schaefer should stay neutral until after the primary.

Or does he again intend to display his Republican bias and openly support Rep. Helen Bentley if she wins the GOP nomination?

Grenville B. Whitman


Mail carrier woes

In response to all the complaining postal customers: Give it a rest. You're only giving your side of the story. In a letter (July 25), Marjorie Liss stated that she received misdeliveries.

First, letter carriers are human, we are not perfect. (Have you never made a mistake?)

I wonder: Is her name on her box? The mail carrier doesn't have ESP. He or she must try the mail at that address to see if it is good there.

As for crumpled up mail, I'd like to see you put mail in those small apartment boxes or stupid door slots, in a hurry, without bending it in some way.

As for wet mail, we haven't yet figured out how to control the weather, so when it rains, mail gets wet. That's a fact of life. Mail also gets cold and hot, but no customer complains about that.

In a recent article, it was stated that Baltimore is seventh worst in the nation for on-time, first-class delivery.

For your information, at the local stations all first class mail goes out every day. If we get it, you get it. Talk to the main post office if you think your mail is late, not your mail carrier.

Finally, during the ice of the winter, much mail was not delivered because of hazardous conditions. "We got our paper everyday" was and still is the cry. It was evidently easier to complain than to clear the walk.

The next ice storm we get, why don't we all throw the mail up on customers' lawns from our nice, warm cars?

Jeff Adamson


The writer is a letter carrier.

Spoiled nature

Is there anywhere left in Maryland where one can enjoy a wild spot unspoiled by beer cans and candy wrappers?

The latest place to be invaded by untutored, ill-raised and insensitive ravagers is a beauty spot known as Hemlock Gorge, near Prettyboy Dam.

Even though Baltimore City, which has jurisdiction over the area, has placed signs at strategic locations urging hikers to clean up after themselves and leave the area as they found it, the amount of litter is often too much for those of us who care about the place to carry out with us.

There is no reason for the city to have to spend additional hard-earned money to supply garbage cans and the workers to keep them sanitary.

It should be easy enough for anyone who wishes to picnic or snack while enjoying the cool recesses and spectacular scenery to carry their waste out with them.

One has to wonder what kinds of minds are possessed by those who want to turn loveliness into ugliness and a natural environment into a dump for glass, plastic and tin.

Carl and Jerri Thistel



It never should have come to the point where a curfew was necessary to keep children off the streets late at night.

Being a parent, I cannot understand how any responsible parent could let children to stay outside till all hours of the night when they know the streets are full of drugs, violence and bad things waiting to happen.

When I was a child, I was envious of friends who could stay out all night, but I realized that I was fortunate to have parents who cared because what is very obvious to me now is that a lot of my friends' parents basically did not care about their own children's welfare.

I would never let my son stay out all night because I would be too worried about his safety. Having a city curfew is a good idea, but it would be better if more parents took the time to care about their children and give them the guidance they need.

Murphy Edward Smith


London Fog label to tell a new story

"Business is business. What isn't made out of the country nowadays?"

"This is the business world. I'll just have to put my trust in myself and see what I can make."

So two area workers of London Fog were quoted in a recent article announcing the pending closing of the company's three remaining Maryland factories and the loss of another 700 jobs.

Why? Evidently because another "American" company has seen fit to run away in pursuit of the Great American Greed, to find cheaper labor costs ignoring the effects on the employees and the community.

The greedy buck is the world-class savior and the guiding light of today's corporate world. All this to hide its own faults.

Even with a union contract, the American workers were being paid a pitiful $6.14 an hour and another employee a world-class $7 an hour. How do the chief executive officer and board of directors expect an individual to achieve a basic standard of living at such low wages?

The employer demanded more concessions, including lower wages and attacks on basic seniority rights.

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