The justice system speaks, but some aren't listening

August 08, 1994|By ROGER SIMON

Letters, calls and the roar of the crowd:

Michael A. Macon, Pasadena: Roger, an assumption of guilt seems to be the premise of your commentary [on O. J. Simpson].

I feel that Simpson, Tonya Harding and William Kennedy Smith were all victims because the news media in each case reported the information from the presumption of guilt.

Which, as you know, is contrary to our justice creed: "Innocent until proven guilt by a jury of our peers beyond a reasonable doubt."

It is irresponsible commentaries like yours coupled with black people's suspicion of our justice system and news media that force us to view Mr. Simpson as a victim.

He is being persecuted before he has had his day in court.

If Mr. Simpson is guilty, please allow the justice system to determine that.

If the people see Mr. Simpson as a victim are wrong, please allow the justice system to determine that.

The pen is a mighty sword. One would only hope that the person that wields it is responsible and just.

You have proven in this example and others that your are neither.

COMMENT: You think allowing the justice system to determine guilt or innocence settles an issue?

No way.

Read on:


Roxie Moore, Baltimore: Reading your commentary in The Sun, I have two questions:

1. Were you there to witness Mike Tyson raping Desiree Washington?

2. Were you there to witness O. J. Simpson battering Nicole?

Why are you so sure?

You're not God.

Neither are these other accusers.

COMMENT: See what I mean? Mike Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington by a jury and the conviction was upheld by an appeals court. The justice system operated.

O. J. Simpson was convicted of battering Nicole Simpson after pleading no contest. The justice system operated.

But some people still don't believe it!

They don't care what the courts say. They don't care what the juries say. They don't even care what the accused say.

They have made up their own minds and they will not be influenced by the facts or the justice system or anything else.

All O. J. Simpson needs is just one such person on his jury to get off. I think his lawyers will come up with several.

I predict O. J. Simpson will not only be acquitted, but will have his own late night talk show by fall.


Cathy Hall, Parkton: I think you should start a contest for the nastiest right wing bumper sticker. I saw these two on the same car:

"Abortion: The Worst Form of Child Abuse."

"Gun Control: Use Both Hands."

Imagine that! Does that mean it's OK to kill people after they're born but not before?

On another car:

"First he did it to Hillary. Then he did it to Gennifer. Now he's doing it to US."

I don't ever recall "left" or "liberal" sentiments being so mean spirited. Maybe I'm wrong.

COMMENT: I think you are. I seem to remember: "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"

And I don't think Richard Nixon actually liked being called "Tricky Dick."

But try this next time you are driving: If you see a bumper sticker you agree with, honk, grin and wave.

If you see a bumper sticker you disagree with, ram the car.

It's better than keeping things bottled up inside you.


Sarah E. Trecost, Clarksburg, W.Va.: Just saw you on C-SPAN and I loved your comment on the Supreme Court. In my uneducated opinion, I consider them nine dictators.

Why are they not held responsible for the decisions they make?

They took the prayer out of the schools.

I'm 74 years old. I'm not a religious zealot. I say my prayers at bedtime, but I don't go to church. I'm a baptized Methodist.

But you know, sir, school would probably be the only place some of these children would hear the word God today.

COMMENT: Don't worry. Prayer goes on in our schools every day. Usually just before a test.

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