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August 07, 1994

Struck Again

Doug Struck's article in The Sun July 26 was the second in as many days, and the third or fourth in recent memory, to open with a dramatic account of fearsome Israelis striking terror into the hearts of innocent Palestinians.

Aside from the fact that such a lead paragraph is clearly indicative of Mr. Struck's sympathies -- which have long been obvious anyway -- as a journalistic device, it is getting stale.

Perhaps Mr. Struck should try something more original, like objective reporting.

Ellen S. Friedman



I have been involved in Maryland politics for some time now, and I think I know a bit about what wins and loses elections. I noted with interest Barry Rascovar's column of July 17, "GOP Thinks the Unthinkable: Victory in November."

Mr. Rascovar is absolutely correct that November presents our state with the best chance the Republican Party has had in decades to win the governor's race. Helen Delich Bentley is the party's savior -- right? Wrong!

As the column points out, there are a number of reasons to question Mrs. Bentley's judgment, character and ethical standards.

These reasons include her defense of Serbian aggression, her questionable role in Watergate fund-raising and her xenophobic Japan-bashing. But the main reason is her deep involvement in support of the government in Serbia.

People of decency and conscience will not vote for a candidate who has misused her office for the defense and promotion of a regime engaged in genocide.

They will not vote for a supporter of a regime whose philosophy and actions include the use of institutionalized rape of women and children as a legitimate form of warfare.

Helen Bentley has unquestionably been the leading apologist for the government of Slobodan Milosevic -- a government that, as a Sun editorial stated in June of 1992, is committing atrocities against Croatians and Muslim Slavs that outrage the world.

She has admitted using her official House office and staff to form and promote SerbNet, a Serbian American national information network, though she has few (if any) constituents of Serbian heritage.

In letters she signed on behalf of the group, she invited calls to taxpayer-paid staff members in her Washington, D.C., congressional office, and later admitted that using her congressional stationery for mailings to promote SerbNet was "probably not allowed" under House rules . . .

As a Republican, I am truly offended by Mr. Rascovar's description of Mrs. Bentley as the Republican Moses "leading the state GOP toward the Promised Land." Mrs. Bentley is no Moses, but keep in mind that Moses never did see the promised land.

Patrick Dornan


Killing Nutria

Your Aug. 1 article on nutria was well-written and interesting.

One contributing factor to the overpopulation of furbearers -- not just nutria -- is the attitude expressed by Cathy Liss, the researcher with the Society for Animal Protective Legislation quoted in the article.

She indicated that she was glad that these animals would not be suffering in "painful leg traps." This is patent nonsense, as trappers usually use conibear (body grip) traps to humanely dispatch nutria.

When a proper foot-hold trap is used, it gives the trapper the option of either constructing a drowning set (again, a humane quick death), or it allows the trapper to release a non-target animal.

The actions of animal rights extremists, such as spray painting fur coats, have caused a decrease in the demand for fur.

This, in turn, has depressed fur prices to the point that many trappers will not trap. The result is a dangerous level of furbearer population, bringing with it diseases such as distemper, rabies and feline leukemia.

I wonder if the Society for Animal Protective Legislation is in favor of this method of population control?

To solve the problem, I would suggest that all bird watchers and photographers who utilize Blackwater and its surrounding area purchase a Maryland duck stamp.

This would increase revenue, without an increase in cost to sportsmen. We have been paying the freight through license and excise taxes for too long.

Michael Horst


Valuable Internet

The editorial cartoon you ran on July 26 concerning the information "superhighway" is detrimental to the Internet and other electronic information services.

The cartoon features a sign saying, "All 500 Lanes Are Open," and a barrage of garbage trucks filling all the lanes.

xTC In my 10 years of using the Internet and on-line services, I have experienced very little garbage. There is a wealth of valuable general and specialized information.

Why poison public opinion about such services?

I wonder if it is to undercut support of public institutions offering free and low-cost access so the field will be left to commercial profit-making. I hope I'm wrong.

Les Bradley


True Equality

What's all the fuss about health care reform?

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