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August 07, 1994


Editor: I enjoyed your feature story about the popularity of dTC sports talk on Baltimore-area radio stations by Tim Warren ["On the Air, Everywhere," June 26]. However, as one female listener (and caller) to all of these shows, I was not happy about the remark made by one talk sports show host who stated "women sit around and discuss their soap operas while men talk about sports."

I would like to enlighten your readers that there are quite a few of us women out there who would rather get Rafael Palmeiro's autograph than Luke Perry's, who know the Orioles' batting order and their current stats, and can hold their own on the radio with Jeff Rimer, Rex Barney, Stan the Fan and Nasty Nestor.

It would have been refreshing if Mr. Warren had contacted one of us for our opinions on the state of sports talk radio in Baltimore, but since nobody asked us, I'd like to comment that I've always been treated with respect, and have never been cut off or been told I didn't know what I was talking about. I find sports talk shows a good outlet for my frustrations when the team is not doing well, and a fun way to talk to some of my favorite players when they are guests. Please convey my thanks to Mr. Warren for writing an article I could relate to.

Hetty Haden



Editor: As a recent arrival in Baltimore, I genuinely enjoyed your June 26 issue of Sun Magazine. It was a real treat to read Tim Warren's piece on the nuances of the local sports talk radio scene and Rob Kasper's piece about variations in crab-picking methods -- "Getting Picky About Crabs."

What was excellent about both of these pieces was that both Mr. Warren and Mr. Kasper were able to delve into quintessentially ++ local concepts without succumbing to the temptation of loading these pieces with local terminology that would have rendered them unintelligible to someone new to the area. Instead, they captured the essence of these peculiarly local topics, with enough pizazz, but without forcing me to decipher an inside joke.

Mike H. Klein


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