Pianist creates furniture of note


August 07, 1994|By Elizabeth Large

Once a concert pianist, Roe Lenhard turned his artistic skills in a totally new direction some 13 years ago: He became a furniture designer. He created modular furniture that could be customized to individual requirements. "Quasi-custom, high-end case goods," is how he describes it.

His bedrooms, dining rooms and wall systems can be tailored to a customer's specifications within six weeks. The choices are wide, including more than 3,000 finishes and many materials -- woods, leathers, laminates and metals.

You can see Mr. Lenhard's designs at his new showroom, Furniture Designs Ltd., at 8895 McGaw Road in Columbia. Call (410) 381-6040 for more information.

Irvine plant seminar

While exotic beauties have their appeal, plants that are native to Maryland usually need less care because they are naturally suited to our climate. You can learn more about varieties such as large-flowered trillium, shagbark hickory or Jacob's ladder at a seminar sponsored by the Irvine Natural Science Center Aug. 27. Horticulturists and garden writers will talk about using native plants in shady or sunny areas, and integrating them into existing gardens.

The hours for the seminar are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call (410) 484-2413 for more information. Irvine is located on the campus of St. Timothy's School in Stevenson.

Showering praise

I knew Shower Sensations was something people would be interested in when a security guard at The Sun stopped me to say he had seen the brochure on my desk. He wanted to know if I knew what it cost.

Shower Sensations is a twin-head shower system from Hydrokinetic Designs Inc. with an adjustable, 2-foot extendable arm. If you're tall, that means no more crouching under the shower head. It's also practical for the elderly or anyone who might need to shower sitting down. Two can be as comfortable as one, and it's great for targeting sore muscles. The two heads have separate on/off valves. For more information or to order Shower Sensations, call (800) 225-5800. It costs $100 for the chrome unit and $130 for brass. Both can be installed on existing shower fixtures and come with a one-year warranty.

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