Around the house* When going on vacation, remember to stop...


August 06, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* When going on vacation, remember to stop delivery of the newspapers; have someone pick up your mail; set timers for lights, radios and TVs; lock all doors and windows and hide empty trash containers.

* Remove mineral deposits that have accumulated at water level in the toilet. Try rubbing stain with "wet" sandpaper available in hardware stores. Or, pour one cup of bleach into bowl; let sit for a few hours and scrub off stains.

* Strain fat from broth by pouring through a paper towel into container.

In the garden

* If there isn't a water spigot near the garden or tool shed, keep a roll of paper towels and a can of shaving cream nearby. You can clean your hands without water.

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