Judges postpone decision on use of Colts name

August 04, 1994|By Alan Goldstein | Alan Goldstein,Sun Staff Writer

A three-judge panel in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago said yesterday it needed more time to rule on the Baltimore CFLs' appeal to lift the injunction on the use of the name Colts on its team logo and memorabilia.

Baltimore CFLs owner Jim Speros, who was represented by attorneys George Pappas and Dave Huebeck in his battle against the NFL and Indianapolis Colts, said, "I didn't anticipate a decision today [Wednesday]. I expect it will take at least two days for the judges to review all the information."

Reflecting on his fight to resurrect the Colts name in Baltimore, Speros said, "I believe I could have put the money to better use. I've spent over $250,000, including $80,000 to prepare this latest appeal.

"If we win the appeal, we will adopt the name Colts immediately. If we lose, I plan on asking for an immediate jury trial in Baltimore. That could prove extremely expensive. We don't have a war chest to match the NFL's."

Speros said the judges spent considerable time asking about the "Jacoby survey," which the NFL sponsored to determine consumers' confusion over the name Colts.

"I feel this survey was steered to have people answer the questions a certain way," Speros said. "I don't think people in Baltimore would be confused. Our logo and colors are quite different from the Indianapolis Colts'. But the NFL is using this as a test case. They don't want possible CFL franchises in Oakland and St. Louis using the names Raiders or Cardinals."

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