18-year-old carpenter is killed in truck collision

August 04, 1994|By Bill Talbott | Bill Talbott,Sun Staff Writer

An 18-year-old carpenter, returning to his job after getting lunch for himself and five co-workers, was killed when his Chevrolet pickup truck collided with the rear wheels of a tractor-trailer on Deer Park Road yesterday afternoon.

David Bryan Devaughn of the 6300 block of Old Washington Road (Route 97) was trapped in the truck, which was knocked off the right side of the road after it spun 180 degrees, police said.

Investigators said Mr. Devaughn had driven to a Little George's store on Route 32 at Deer Park Road for sandwiches and sodas for his co-workers, who are building a house on Constellation Way.

Mr. Devaughn was driving east on Deer Park on a curve in the 1000 block when the accident occurred about 12:20 p.m.

The tractor-trailer was being driven by Harry Cheeseman, 49, of Delaware, who had just delivered beer to a distribution company on Deer Park Road and was heading to Laurel to pick up another load, according to his son Eugene, who was asleep in the sleeping compartment of the tractor at the time of the accident.

Eugene Cheeseman, 27, of Florida said he and his father ran back to the pickup truck after the accident and found the victim was unconscious in the crushed cab. A passing motorist called for rescue workers on a portable telephone.

Rescue teams from the Reese fire company cut the roof off the pickup truck and immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the victim before placing him in the helicopter for the trip to the trauma center.

Ron Wales, a co-worker and foreman on the house construction on Constellation Way, drove west on Deer Park Road looking for Mr. Devaughn and came upon the accident.

Mr. Wales looked in the demolished pickup truck at the lunches in a cardboard box on the front seat. He walked away with his head down.

The victim's mother, Donna Devaughn, came to the site of the accident after receiving a telephone call about the crash but was not immediately told of the fatality.

State police placed the woman in one of their vehicles parked a short distance around the curve from the crash, but she insisted on walking to the demolished truck as it was loaded onto a tow truck.

A team of state police reconstructionists determined that the pickup truck had crossed the center line of the road.

The force of the impact bent a steel wheel of the tractor-trailer and knocked the tire off the rim, police said.

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