Bill and Berk, 4,800-pound team, win pulling contest

August 03, 1994|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Sun Staff Writer

Equal parts weight and heart won the county horse pulling contest last night, as Bill and Berk dragged 6,500 pounds 27 feet.

The 4,800-pound team of Belgian horses, owned by Wayne Moreland of Lothian, Anne Arundel County, were the easy winners after pulling the sled with no hesitation.

"No problem," a spectator exclaimed as the marker hooked to the sled's chain fell, marking the distance.

Seven teams -- three in the lightweight class and four in the 3,200-pound-plus heavyweight class -- competed last night at the Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair in Westminster.

The 6,500-pound weight was among the heaviest pulled at the fair, said Bob Shirley, a Carroll County extension agent who works with 4-H.

"These animals are athletes," Mr. Shirley told the crowd as Jeremiah Marpole's feisty team, Clyde and Darby, approached the sled.

"Like any other athletes, the adrenalin starts pumping and they're ready to go."

The team, weighing 3,325 pounds, came in fourth in the heavyweight class. Mr. Marpole, of Parkersville, W.Va., voluntarily withdrew his team, the lightest of the heavyweight division, after the 5,000-pound pull.

"A good teamster knows his horses, and they've worked hard enough," Mr. Shirley said.

The winners in the lightweight competition were Mick and Bob, a 3,185-pound team that pulled 6,000 pounds.

Mickey Dove took second with his 3,175-pound team, Bob and John.

Third place went to Justin Marpole of Parkersville.

His 3,065-pound team, Barney and Bart, was eliminated at the 4,500-pound pull.

In the heavyweight division, Calvin Ott of Clearsville, Pa., took second place with his 3,800-pound team, Jim and Dick.

The team was eliminated after pulling 6,500 pounds for 24 feet, 7 inches.

Rusty Norfolk of Lothian took third place. His 4,300-pound team, Dusty and Dick, pulled the 6,500-pound sled 23 feet 2 inches.

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