THE first woman to play professional hockey, Manon...


August 01, 1994

THE first woman to play professional hockey, Manon Rheaume, is also the first female pro athlete to appear on trading cards. And according to this month's "Glamour Magazine" her first card is the most valuable one in its set, worth seven times more the one of Mario Lemieux, a 10-year NHL veteran.

Classic Games Inc., the company that makes Ms. Rheaume's cards, is so encouraged by the demand that it is making cards for the Central Hockey League's Erin Whitten, amateur star Cammi Granato and, possibly, sets featuring players from the U.S. Women's National Hockey Team.

Another potential trading card creation includes players from the Colorado Silver Bullets, the all-female minor league baseball team. At the team's training headquarters in Winter Haven, Fla. the souvenir shop had trouble keeping team shirts and pen bats in stock during the preseason. Their merchandise catalog has just become available and can be ordered by calling (800) 443-8242, which is Coors' merchandise number.

We hope professional female athletes will continue to prove their popularity, and more important for survival, their profitability. Half our population's athletic skill and entertainment potential has gone untapped. Look forward to the day when girls can play ball as their ticket out of the inner city and when female athletes can make millions on product endorsements.

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