Six youths are arrested for vandalism, theft

August 01, 1994

Western District detectives arrested six youths on Thursday and Friday for alleged acts of vandalism and a theft from the Elks Lodge in the 800 block of Stevenson Road in Severn, county police said.

The boys range in age from 14 to 17, police said. They have been charged with two counts of theft and 13 counts of destruction of property that included spray painting walls and breaking windows, police said.

The most recent case of vandalism occurred at the Elks Lodge on Thursday morning. An officer went to the lodge around 1:30 a.m. and discovered that someone had thrown rocks through the front and side glass doors. A man in a mobile home parked on the lodge's lot heard the noise and woke up and saw three males run from the building, police said.

The six boys are suspects in other acts of vandalism in the Severn area, police said. All the vandalism occurred within the last two months, police said. The boys were charged with thefts because they allegedly stole some money from a Severn home they broke into, police said.

The youths were issued juvenile citations and released to their parents.

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