Savage: 8300 block of U.S. 1: Computer...


July 21, 1994


* Savage: 8300 block of U.S. 1: Computer equipment was stolen from a construction trailer between 5 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday, police said. Entry was gained by breaking a side window.

9100 block of U.S. 1: Thieves entered the Aireco Supply Co. building between 3 a.m. and 6:10 a.m. Sunday and stole small and large safes, police said. The burglars smashed an alarm box and cut phone and alarm lines and took time to remove a dead-bolt lock and replace it at their point of entry, police said. A small safe belonging to the company was found pried open in an open field near Gorman Road. The thieves also entered an Aireco warehouse after destroying the alarm box there and took Freon, gas furnaces and air conditioning units, police said. The units were loaded onto a company truck which the burglars drove to Cumberland where it was abandoned, police said.

9700 block of Mountain Laurel Way: Someone attempted to steal a 1988 Chevrolet Corvette between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 5 a.m. yesterday.

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