Mad Magazine artist draws on childlike sense of humor

July 17, 1994|By Susan Canfora | Susan Canfora,Special to The Sun

After 38 years as an illustrator for the adolescent Mad Magazine, Seaford, Del., resident Bob Clarke hasn't gone mad, but he admits to having a childlike sense of humor.

"All the staff is in the same boat. We will never grow up and we just do what we think is funny. People usually think it's funny, too," says Mr. Clarke, 67, a native of New Jersey who came to Delaware a couple of years ago.

It's been fun working for Mad Magazine, he said. Once, he drew a $3 bill for the magazine, using the face of Mad mascot Alfred E. Newman in the center, where a president's face would be on a real bill. Somehow, young readers found out the bills fit in change machines and they were confiscated by the FBI. Mr. Clarke was asked not to draw anything like that again. Now semiretired, Mr. Clarke still enjoys doing a few assignments for -- Mad. "The staff has a zany sense of humor. It's fun to do, really," he says.

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