QUESTIONIf the Orioles introduce a ticket...


July 10, 1994


If the Orioles introduce a ticket return program, would you be more likely to return extra tickets to the team or sell them to a scalper?



SELl 71%

* "The Orioles don't want people to sell their tickets at an overblown price. I guess they're concerned about their fans. But how come the last time I was at Camden Yards, I paid $2.75 for a Coke and $4.75 for a hot dog?"

Donna Disney

* "I would definitely return tickets to the team. I'd rather not be putting tickets into the hands of the scalper."

Joseph Ricci

* "I would be happy to return my unused tickets to the Orioles if it was user-friendly. But not if the return process is going to be a hassle involving paying $4 or $5 or $6 to park and walk several blocks and wait in a line."

Jerry Kelly

* "I would definitely return the tickets to the team so that an average fan can take his family to the game without spending an exuberant amount of money to pay the scalper's salary."

David Dopkin

* "We used to turn tickets in and trade them around to get more tickets on some dates and others on other dates, but there is nothing to trade tickets for right now. If there was something to trade tickets for we would trade tickets in all the time."

Mary Schweitzer


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