Around the house* If clothes were left in dryer too long...


July 09, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* If clothes were left in dryer too long, remove wrinkles by turning on tumble-dry cycle; when cycle is over, remove clothes immediately.

* Spray toss pillows and cushions that are used outdoors but are not weather resistant with a soil repellent. The treated fabric will be more resistant to soil and spilled drinks.

* Rearrange inside of refrigerator. Avoid stacking food and crowding small spaces. Do not overload shelves with warm foods. Air must be able to circulate.

* Save leftover pickle juice and add sliced cucumbers, carrots and other vegetables to marinate them. Serve the vegetables as a snack or mixed in salads.

* Launder towels frequently. Rinse thoroughly because soap and detergent may weaken fibers. Avoid using fabric softeners regularly -- they reduce absorbency.

* Make disposable funnels from tops of plastic liter soda bottles. Cut off the top 3 or 4 inches of empty bottles and use in the kitchen, garden or workshop.

In the garden

* Use a turkey baster instead of an oil can to pour oil into hard-to-reach oil filter cap of lawn mower.

* When gardening, avoid tracking mud and dirt into the house. Keep a supply of plastic grocery bags -- which can be slipped over shoes-- by the door.

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