Md. Teen on solo flight is resting in Texas

July 08, 1994

GLEN ARM -- A Glen Arm teen-ager trying to fly solo across the United States spent yesterday in Plainview, Texas, resting before heading to New Mexico. Jimmy Mathis, 16, arrived Wednesday evening in Plainview, said his mother, Mary Lou Mathis.

"He's going to lay over mostly to catch up on his rest," said Mrs. Mathis, who talked with her son yesterday morning. "The hardest part of his trip is really coming up -- the desert and the mountains," she said. "I'm a little nervous about that."

Young Mathis left Ocean City on June 30 for the 2,500-mile flight to California. He is to leave today for Las Cruces, N.M., then head to Chandler, Ariz., where he will spend Sunday and Monday. He hopes to arrive in Long Beach, Calif., on Tuesday.

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