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June 30, 1994

Reading Delights

I would like to refer, with pleasure, to two specific articles which recently appeared in The Sun.

One was about the Mason-Dixon line. I have read many articles in the past on the subject, but I have never found anything so interesting and so substantive as the one by William Ecenbarger in the May 22 issue of the Sun Magazine. It was pure delight.

The second article, "Welcome to Canada, Eh?," was contributed by Myron Beckenstein and appeared June 19 in the Perspective section. Not only was it entertaining but uproariously funny to boot.

Mahadev N. Mahabal


Reforming Care

As your editorial ''Mega-Networks of Health Care'' (June 24) so aptly stated, our health care delivery and financing systems are already undergoing rapid changes in light of the national reforms that we anticipate. The new relationships that are forming among various providers, insurers and employers are the result of market forces which have been conspicuously absent in health care until now.

These market forces are driving changes that before had been attempted by, but failed by, the political process.

These new relationships have been long awaited, but now may be happening too rapidly and without thought to our very special qualities of equity, access and financial solvency. These are principles that we have come to rely on and that are absolutely essential to maintain as our systems change.

With these new relationships we must plan carefully so as not to lose the distribution of uncompensated care and medical education costs across all providers and payers. To date, the alliances formed have, for the most part, included hospitals with low rates of uncompensated care. Historically, it has been our ability to spread the uncompensated care that has provided us with equity and financial solvency unequaled in the rest of the nation.

We dare not step backward to a two-class system of health care delivery as we rush to reform the failings in our systems.

In recognition of these important changes Gov. William Donald Schaefer will issue an executive order to appoint a Task Force on Community Health Networks.

The Task Force will be charged with assuring that new health networks are accountable to the communities that they serve, assuring that all regions of the state are well served, maintaining the positive attributes that are built into our system and examining what, if any, regulatory efforts may be necessary.

We look forward to a reformed system that will provide the care that we all want and deserve. We must remember to incorporate what we have done right and learn from what we have done wrong in the past.

Nelson J. Sabatini


The writer is secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Health Care

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free.

Eli R. Vuicich


Irreligious Left

Jack Germond's and Jules Witcover's June 23 analysis, "Religious right's influence over GOP is unprecedented," misses the point -- again.

They warn against the "dangers" of the religious right in the political arena, chanting the mantras of the Democratic Party.

Railing on the religious right has become fashionable, especially by liberal Democrats.

That will be their rallying cry for the elections in November because they have nothing of worth upon which to run. Their party has become the "irreligious left," doing the bidding of every fringe element of society. The "irreligious left" has no pride in its legacy of the last 30 years.

How can its candidates run on increases in violent crime, teen pregnancies, abortions and taxes and a foreign policy of confusion and disarray not to mention a presidential administration wrought with scandals and arrogance?

Wayne Liberati


Vatican Treasures

It is outrageous to ask people to help subsidize the pope's visit to Baltimore, when 16 parishes are threatened with closure due to financial problems and a lack of priests.

These could easily be corrected if the pope would acknowledge that women are made in the same image of God as men and thus able to be priests.

If the pope wishes to make these trips that cost thousands of dollars, he should pay for them by selling some of the Vatican art treasures.

Agnes McAvinue


Prayer for O.J. Irks Readers

I cannot think of anything more ludicrous or inappropriate than the Rev. Richard Halverson offering a prayer for O.J. Simpson from the floor of the United States Senate.

Aside from the fact that Mr. Simpson is held in a Los Angeles jail in connection with a double homicide and that he has been found guilty of wife beating in the past, I can't imagine what he has done to merit such prestigious sympathy.

Mr. Halverson has trivialized what should be an honor and a symbol of this country's esteem.

Eunice B. Heyman



The prayer for O.J. Simpson on the Senate floor was an insult to the true heroes of our nation. Heroes who gave their lives and limbs and did not make millions in doing so.

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