Taking the heatBaker, a CFL veteran trying to win a job at...


June 29, 1994|By Ken Murray

Taking the heat

Baker, a CFL veteran trying to win a job at rush end, doesn't mind the crowd at his position. "I like competition," he said. "It makes me play better when nothing is given."

Baker played for the Blue Bombers in 1992, then was released after refusing to sign a two-year contract extension in a financial dispute. He tried out with two NFL teams last year (Packers, Browns), but wound up sitting out the year. Baker, who had 24 sacks at Louisiana Tech, considered going back to his hometown of Shreveport, but opted for Baltimore because it showed more interest, he said.

Despite his split from Winnipeg, he said he carries no ill will. "They gave me an opportunity when no other team would look my way," he said.

He's rested, at least

Rush end O.J. Brigance had this to say on the loss of the Colts nickname: "It doesn't affect us. I still got eight hours of sleep, the sun still came up. We'll be a trivia question some day."

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