3 7-Elevens offering a swap: $107 in coupons for each gun

June 29, 1994|By Michael James | Michael James,Sun Staff Writer

Three 7-Eleven stores in three high-crime areas in Baltimore are offering coupons worth $107.11 in store products for every gun turned in on July 11, company officials said yesterday.

The "Guns for Goods" swap is similar to previous area gun turn-in programs -- no questions are asked, and every type of gun is accepted -- but is more generous in its exchange offer.

"A hundred and seven dollars and 11 cents will buy you a lot of Slurpees," said Margaret Chabris, a spokeswoman for Southland Corp., which operates 5,600 7-Eleven stores in the United States and Canada.

The coupons, which can be redeemed for any 7-Eleven products except alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, gasoline and lottery tickets, will be given away for the first 200 guns turned in at the three stores. If the gun is nonoperational, $50 in coupons will be given, company officials said.

Participating in the exchange are 7-Elevens at 2701 Franklin St. in West Baltimore, at 4900 Liberty Heights Ave. in Northwest Baltimore and at 729 E. 25th St. in Northeast Baltimore.

"Baltimoreans have an opportunity to turn in their unwanted guns and get something of considerable value in exchange," said Paulette Nettles, manager for 7-Eleven's 80 Baltimore-area stores.

"Residents are fed up with the violence and the proliferation of guns in our city, and we wanted to do something that seems to have worked in other areas of the country that could help reduce the incidence of crime-related or accidental shootings."

Weapons brought to any of the stores should be carried in a bag, briefcase or plastic container, and must be unloaded. Police will have an area set up in the store parking lots to accept the firearms.

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