Recyclables should be bagged

June 28, 1994

Bag it, please, is the message for county residents who live along the Poplar Trail, when they prepare cans, bottles and plastic for their once a week recycling collection.

The Poplar Trail includes all of Howard County west of Route 29, with the exception of most Columbia neighborhoods.

Howard County is asking that the 12,000 households along the Poplar Trail join the county-wide phase-in of recyclable cans, bottles and plastics in clear plastic bags instead of placing materials loose in blue plastic bins.

Bagging saves the county money and reduces collections costs by 35 percent, the amount of glass collected in bins that breaks into pieces too small to recycle.

Recycling officials say that bagging is easier and lighter, and there is no need to drag a bin back from the curbside.

Newspaper and other paper should still be put in paper bags, not plastic, and residents may still set bagged materials out in bins.

Trash collection and recycling days on this route will also be changing. Complete details are available in the Recycling & Trash Collection Handbook, to be delivered to all Poplar Trail households prior to July 1.

Information: 313-SORT.

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