U.s. Possibilities World Cup 1994

June 27, 1994

The U.S. soccer team finished in third place in the World Cup's Group A, with one victory, one tie and one loss for four points in the standings. It scored three goals and gave up three.

The top two teams with the most points in each of the six groups advance to the second round, along with the four best third-place teams.

Tie-breakers are determined by, in order: goal differential, goals scored, head-to-head, drawing lots.

For the United States to not qualify for the second round, third-place teams in at least four other groups would need at least four points and have better goal differentials. That means at least four of these five scenarios would have to occur:

* Group B: Cameroon beats Russia by at least three goals and Sweden does not lose by more than one goal to Brazil.

* Group C: South Korea beats Germany by one goal and Germany scores at least two and Spain beats Bolivia; or South Korea beats Germany by one goal and Germany scores at least two and Bolivia beats Spain by at least two goals.

* Group D: Bulgaria ties or beats Argentina and Nigeria ties or beats Greece.

* Group E: Either Ireland-Norway or Italy-Mexico ends in a victory and the other game ends in a tie, with the tie game finishing 3-3 or higher; or both games end 3-3 or higher.

* Group F: Saudi Arabia beats Belgium or plays a 1-1 or higher tie and the Netherlands beats Morocco or plays a 2-2 or higher tie.

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