It's not too late to sign children up for camp


June 27, 1994|By JEAN LESLIE

Congratulations to Ellicott City resident Lindy Mellendick, a rising senior at University of Delaware, who has been on the dean's list two semesters in a row, putting her in the top 20 percent of her class for the year. She earned a 3.75 grade point average this spring.

Lindy is studying early childhood education at Delaware's college of human resources. She will be doing her student teaching this fall in a Wilmington, Del., kindergarten class. Lindy

was a 1991 graduate of Centennial High School.

The last day of school and first official day of summer have come and gone, and the summer is sizzling. While many see the summer as a time for relaxation and recreation, a mom with a houseful of children may look at it quite differently. To her, the summer may stretch endlessly into the future.

If you are a mom who didn't register her children for camp activities, you may be scrambling now, when many programs are booked up.

I did a little phone research with two of my own favorite county camp sites, and found that the Department of Recreation and Parks is nearly full for its Summer Escapades camp program, which starts today.

But some spaces are left in the Summer Escapades programs at Hammond Elementary School and at Bushy Park Elementary School, if you don't mind the drive.

Because the program is now state-certified as a day care facility, a medical form must be submitted and reviewed before starting the program. Specialty camps, such as sports or arts camps, have scattered spaces.

Call 313-2762 or text telephone, 313-2723 for availability



Howard Community College department of continuing education offers an excellent program for kids interested in the arts and in lTC alternative approaches to academic subjects. They do have spaces in their programs; the exception is computer course work, which is filled through the middle of the summer.

Arts courses include acting, photography, and drawing and painting.

In addition, young band members can take part in summer band, which includes a concert at the end of the three-week session.

Academic courses are mostly aimed at the middle school audience.

There are many to choose from, so I'll tell you about some of the more interesting ones. The Math Puzzles class, taught by a magician, is full of creative applications of math skills. Science Experiments is a hands-on class in which the students may study rocketry, or explore biology through use of freeze-dried ants and cow eyeballs.

The Entrepreneur 2000 class teaches students how to set up and run a business and may form the beginning of real businesses run by kids.

The courses run for 3 1/2 hours, either in the morning or afternoon.

The college can provide for students who need to stay all day.

You can find out more by calling Sue Kramer about the arts courses, at 964-4940.

C7 Call Sarah Baum about academic courses at 964-4976.

World Heritage Student Exchange has qualified Richard and Anita Kummer as a host family for Anne Rimrott, a student from Dillenburg, Germany, who will attend Mount Hebron High School for the 1994-1995 school year.

Anne has met all of the academic and character qualifications necessary to be accepted as an exchange student, and the Kummer family is eagerly awaiting her arrival in August.

World Heritage is a not-for-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to fostering cultural enrichment and intercultural understanding through youth exchange programs. Students come fromSpain, Mexico, France, Germany, Sweden, the former Soviet Union, the United States and Canada.

Contact local representative Angela Bivens for information on housing a student or going abroad.

PD Her phone number is (410) 484-0089 or toll-free, (800) 888-9040.


Preschoolers ages 3 to 5 can wear their "jammies" to Howard County Library's Bedtime story times offered during the month of July.

The story times are drop-in, so registration is not required.

Story times will be given at the Miller Branch Library from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, July 11, July 18 and July 25.

The Elkridge Branch Library will hold a story time from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 7.

For more information about these or other library programs for children, contact the Miller Branch at 313-1955 or the Elkridge Branch at 313-5085.


Here are some additional awards given to graduating eighth-graders from Trinity School in Ellicott City.

The Trinity Award for students exhibiting outstanding school spirit and concern for others was awarded to Kimberly Greene and Amit Arwindekar.

Amit also won the Brian Varacalle Science award for outstanding

classroom and laboratory abilities.


I know a little "sleeper" job opportunity for moms who want to be home to see their children off and back before they come home.

Howard County Schools Food Service needs people to run the cafeterias in the schools, so you only need to be there three hours a day. You're eligible for the same benefit package as other staff.

Call the Food and Nutrition Service Office at 313-6738 if you're interested.

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