Eastport, Severn River clubs unfurl regatta


June 26, 1994|By NANCY NOYES

Last weekend Eastport Yacht Club and Severn River Yacht Club got together to put on their annual joint Level Regatta.

Sweltering heat had the PHRF 60, 96, and combined J/29 and 111 splits, and the J/30s in the SRYC fleet, and the J/22s, '24s, Catalinas, and Tritons in the EYC fleet bobbing around through the early morning hours waiting for the southerly sea breeze to fill in.

But when the wind came each day it was pleasant and fairly steady, so that each fleet was able to complete three races Saturday and a concluding pair of events on Sunday for a five-race, no-throwout series.

Competition in many classes was as hot as the weather, but for Jim Michie and his veteran crew on his SR/33 WOFTAM, the event was a clean sweep of the PHRF 60 division. It proved to be the only team in any class and either fleet to take the gun in all five races.

"If I had to attribute it to anything, I'd have to say it was the crew more than anything," Michie said.

The group earned top honors at January's Yachting Race Week in Key West and has gone on to log other strong finishes this season on the bay.

"We're a well-lubed machine now, and we're having fun this year," he said. "Last year was very tense, because it was a new boat and we wanted to do well, but we've gotten past that.

"Our competition keeps us on our toes. We're thinking, changing gears all the time. The fleet we've got now is really good."

Although WOFTAM's finishes clearly dominated the division, racing to win was far from easy or clear-cut, Michie said.

"The breeze was nice when it came in, with just enough shifts that if you picked them up it helped a little," he said.

"The last race on Sunday we were late for the start, blew a genoa sheet, and went the wrong way. Everything went wrong but finally we got tuned back in. There was just enough tactical work to help us get back up to the front."

Another particularly strong performance was turned in by Steve and Margaret Podlich in J/24s, posting first-place finishes in all but the first race (in which they were second) for helmsman Margaret and her crew on Spot.

Aggressive but clean starts coupled with strong boat handling and solid boat speed in clear air away from the pack gave this team an edge over the competition.

Annapolis Level Regatta

PHRF 60 (5 entries): 1. WOFTAM, James Michie, Arnold, 3.75 (1-1-1-1-1); 2. Jake, Sandy Morse, Washington, 11 (2-2-2-2-3); 3. Sugar Magnolia, Kumins/Holt Syndicate, Annapolis, 17 (4-4-3-4-2).

PHRF 96 (7 entries): 1. Pneumatic, Matt Frey, Lancaster, Pa., 7.25 (1-1-3-1-2); 2. BAM, Gerry Smernoff, Annandale, Va., 8.5 (3-2-1-2-1); 3. Ubiquitous, James Stansbury, Germantown, 16 (5-3-2-3-3).

J/29-PHRF 111 (7 entries): 1. Mirage, Lewis/Salvesen, Annapolis/Columbia/Edgewater, 7.25 (1-1-1-2-3); 2. Tops Optional, Steve Olinger, Annapolis, 12.75 (3-3-2-4-1); 3. Rhumb Punch, Regan Edwards, California (MD), 18 (4-5-4-3-2).

J/22 (18 entries): 1. Sprockets, Matt Beck, Annapolis, 17.5 (5-4-1-1-7); 2. Bangor Horse, Parker/May Syndicate, Washington/Great Falls, Va., 21.5 (1-1-6-5-9); 3. Life Jackitt, John O'Brien, Pasadena, 22 (6-3-5-3-5).

J/24 (14 entries): 1. Spot, Steve and Margaret Podlich, Annapolis, 5 (2-1-1-1-1); 2. Show Dog, Capuco/Rich, Annapolis, 15.75 (1-2-3-2-8); 3. More Bad News, Mike and Linda Colbert, Springfield, Va., 19 (4-4-5-4-2).

J/30 (14 entries): 1. Gunsmoke, Michael McGuirk, Bel Air, 9.25 (5-2-1-1-1); 2. Turbo Duck, Bodo von der Wense, Gulph Mills, Pa., 23 (7-4-2-5-5); 3. Hot Rod, Dallam, (hometown unavailable), 25 (2-5-3-8-7).

Catalina 27 (10 entries): 1. Pussycat, Bruce Johnson, Bowie, 7.25 (1-3-1-1-2); 2. Finesse, Baxter/Becker, Bowie, 14.5 (9-1-2-2-1); 3. Swell, Derick Lynch, Arnold, 17 (2-2-4-3-6).

Triton (4 entries): 1. Sandpiper, Chris Gordon, Chevy Chase, 6.25 (2-1-1-2-1); 2. Overdraft, David Hoyt, Glen Burnie, 10.5 (1-4-3-1-2).

SSA events

Severn Sailing Association played host last weekend to the Tempest National Championship for 10 boats from up and down the East Coast, while also providing racing for International 14s and Solings in the Keelboat Invitational.

Racing near Whitehall Bay after shoreside postponements in the early morning before the sea breeze came in, victory in the Tempests went to SSA member Dave McComb of Bolton Landing, N.Y., with an untouchable four aces in his final hand.

Tempest Nationals

1. Dave McComb, Bolton Landing, N.Y., 0 (1-1-1-1); 2. Dave Lavis, Queenstown, 19.7 (2-2-2-3); 3. Malcolm Lawson, Boylston, Mass., 29.7 (7-4-3-2).

SSA Keelboat Regatta

International 14 (5 starters): 1. R. Ewart Smith, (hometown unavailable), 6.25 (1-2-1-2-1); 2. Amy Phillips, Columbia, 9.5 (3-1-3-1-2).

Soling (7 starters): 1. Stuart Walker, Annapolis, 6.25 (1-1-1-2-2); 2. Peter Gleitz, Annapolis, 7.5 (2-2-2-1-1); 3. Manny Mendez, (hometown unavailable), 24 (4-4-4-6-6).

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