'Top 40' countdown down for count

June 25, 1994|By New York Daily News

The countdown is almost up for "American Top 40."

The syndicated radio countdown show, which began in July 1970 and launched Casey Kasem to national fame, will pretty much disappear from American stations at the end of this month -- though it will continue in foreign markets.

A number of stations will replace it with a similar Top 40 countdown with Los Angeles deejay Rick Dees.

Picking up the Dees show is "one of the options" for "American Top 40" subscribers, an ABC spokeswoman said. Some stations may continue the Kasem show if they've contracted with ABC for a countdown show and don't want Mr. Dees.

" 'American Top 40' saved Top 40 radio back in 1970," Mr. Kasem said last year. Wednesday, he declined comment on its American demise.

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