The California Angels and Los Angeles Rams have had a...


June 23, 1994

The California Angels and Los Angeles Rams have had a rocky relationship as co-tenants of Anaheim Stadium. But last week, Angels owner Jackie Autry expressed regret that the Rams might move from Orange County, possibly to Baltimore. Autry spoke with The Sun's Peter Schmuck.

Q: After all that has happened since the Rams moved to Anaheim, you would figure that the Angels would be happy to see them out of town. True?

A: Do I personally want to see the Rams leave here? No. I think every sports franchise benefits Orange County.

Q: Still, neither team is particularly happy. The Rams are considering moving and the Angels have pressed the city for improvements -- or even a new stadium?

A: That's because our stadium lease is no longer competitive with other cities. The California Angels rank second from the bottom in the percentage of [gate] revenues we get to keep. The Rams are in a situation not unlike ourselves.Q:Q: With the economy slumping in Southern California, the political climate probably may not be ripe for a new stadium or even major renovations to the Big A. Is the problem with the city of Anaheim?

A: No. The city is very positive about keeping the Angels. . . . very determined to keep the Angels here, but Anaheim can't support the Angels, Rams and Mighty Ducks alone. The rest of Orange County has to recognize that these franchises are important to everyone.

Q: The city doesn't seem quite so positive about the Rams.

A: They are not as aggressive about keeping the Rams, but I think that's a mistake. If they let the Rams go, I think that five years from now, they'll be right in the same situation as other cities, trying to lure another team here.

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