Balkan Update

June 23, 1994

Bosnian government troops pressed an offensive agains Muslim rebels in BIHAC. Overall in Bosnia, U.N. officials said, fighting persisted at a higher level than in the first week of a temporary truce introduced June 10 to prepare the parties to accept a long term peace deal.

Croatian authorities have relented and begun admitting, at a rate of about 50 a day, 462 Bosnian Muslim refugees bused to the border at NOVSKA last week.

Secretary of State Warren Christopher said agreement on details of a big power peace plan for Bosnia was very close. Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev hinted Russia might drop opposition to lifting an arms embargo against the Bosnian government if the Bosnian Serbs reject the plan.

The first 300 Turkish troops arrived in SPLIT, Croatia, for U.N. duty in Bosnia, a welcome help for an undermanned peacekeeping force. But Serb fighters, who regard Turks as age-old enemies, see them as a provocation.

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