Spray-painting vandals hit Ridgely, Acorn

June 22, 1994

Vandals spray-painted a car, a garage, a medical center and the front door of a Sons of Italy lodge along Ridgely and Acorn avenues Sunday, county police said yesterday.

Officials estimated the damage at more than $600.

The culprits used gray paint to write the letters "BG" on the hood of a car parked in the 600 block of Ridgely Ave. and spray-painted the windshield, police said.

The Weems Creek Medical Center in the same block was given similar treatment, police said. The letters "BG" were painted on a window and door and the word "Eastside" was painted on a mail box. The side of the garage on Acorn drive was painted but no words written, police said.

The vandals painted a pentagram on the door of the Sons of Italy building in the 600 block of Ridgely Ave., police said. "Italian Church" was spray-painted below the numbers of the building's address and the word "Eastside" was painted on a side wall, police said.

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