2 men rob T. J. Maxx store of $300 worth of clothing

June 22, 1994

Two men, one of whom implied he had a gun, robbed the T. J. Maxx store in the 8100 block of Ritchie Highway Monday of more than $300 worth of clothing, county police said yesterday.

Both men escaped in a silver Mazda truck.

Toni Coates, the night manager, told police the men came in about 7:15 p.m. and filled two shopping carts with men's clothes. They left the carts in the back of the store and walked to the front of the store, where one of the men reached behind the counter and took several shopping bags, police said.

One man then said to the other, "If you have to use the gun, do it." They went back to the rear of the store, but by that time Ms. Coates had moved one of the carts into an office, police said.

The men took the clothes from the remaining cart, filled three shopping bags with clothes and left, police said. As they walked out, one of them reached in his back pocket as though he were pulling a gun, Ms. Coates told police.

She said she was forbidden by company policy from confronting the suspects in the store or calling police until they left.

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