Baltimore, Our Baltimore

June 21, 1994

Baltimore, where Carroll flourished, and the fame of Calvert grew!

Here the old defenders conquered as their valiant swords they drew.

L Here the starry banner glistened in the sunshine of the sea,

In that dawn of golden vision that awoke the song of Key:

Here are hearts that beat forever for the city we adore;

NB Here the love of men and brothers -- Baltimore, our Baltimore!

Here the clipper ships of story brought the cargoes of their day,

From the ports of seven oceans homing white-winged up the bay.

Here immortal Poe illumined living letters with his lyre;

Here Lanier's uplifting measures taught the world a fresh desire;

Here the tradesman and the statesman, here the gallant hearts of yore

K? Came to build a beauteous city -- Baltimore, our Baltimore!

Here the charm of parks and gardens, here the spirit of the home;

Here the music of the morning in the wind across the foam.

Here the teacher and the prophet, here the sermon and the song,

Keep the higher beauty burning and the nobler purpose strong:

Here the church and here the temple teach our hearts their hallowed lore;

OC Here hath Science wed with Healing -- Baltimore, our Baltimore!

God of grace, thou great Jehovah, make us grateful, keep us true,

That these gifts of light and leading may enchain our hearts to you;

That in clearer vision growing men may follow still the gleam,

As a righteous city blossoms in the golden years of dream:

Here where Art and Learning beckon, Justice pleads for rich and poor,

MA God to guide, and man to worship -- Baltimore, our Baltimore!

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