JULIA Anderson-Miller, an artist and book designer...


June 20, 1994

JULIA Anderson-Miller, an artist and book designer, dreamed she was sitting at her computer when President Clinton came by and massaged her neck. When she woke up, her neck felt great and she could still smell his Old Spice cologne.

And she wondered: Do others dream of Bill? She placed classified ads asking people to send in their dreams of Mr. Clinton, and the response was voluminous enough for a 217-page book: "Dreams of Bill," just published by Citadel Press.

People, it seems, dream of Mr. Clinton as friend, lover, jogger, dentist, veterinarian and robot. Several women dreamed the president married them. Socks, Chelsea and Hillary show up in the dreams, too. A 17-year-old girl dreamed that Bill and Hillary, with an eye to their electoral prospects in '96, keep Chelsea locked in the trunk of their car until she gets through puberty. Another dreamer imagined herself a homeless person to whom Chelsea gave $10 and a good-luck encouragement.

A number of dreams pick up on Hillary Rodham Clinton's formidable image. In one, the president jogs in chirpily and is instantly cowed by his wife's icy stare. In another, Mrs. Clinton confers with aides, then pulls a Bill doll out of a briefcase, winds it up, pats it on the bottom and sends it forth.

Many of the dreamers told Ms. Anderson that they did (or did not) vote for Mr. Clinton, but few have any obvious political content -- except that the president almost always appears as a warm, friendly, protective person. If the dreams collected in the book are representative, we sleep soundly with Bill Clinton in the White House; any nightmares come only when we are wide awake.

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